Washington D.C.

One Day… I’ll finish exploring DC. So I suck at keeping up with this blog but I’m trying to get back in my routine! Hope you enjoy this one, if not at least enjoy the pictures at the bottom 😉 Some of you may know that my husband plays Professional Baseball, which means that he is gone all summer. This summer has been a little … Continue reading Washington D.C.

My Baby

One Day… our babies won’t get sick. Wishful thinking huh? That one day our babies won’t ever get sick? I will forever be wishing I could take the place of my baby when he is sick, and when I have human babies I’m sure I will feel the same way. As you all know, I usually like to write about things that could inspire the … Continue reading My Baby


One Day…  every dad will be a father and every father will be a dad. In today’s society there’s a sickeningly high percentage of children that will grow up without one parent or another. In this blog I will discuss things that I experienced growing up with one full-time parent and one part-timer. Every little girl thinks her daddy hung the moon. He is hands … Continue reading Fathers